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About Horses, Not Camels

About Horses, Not Camels

What is this blog?

I started Horses, Not Camels as a way to document my learnings/findings/musings as an early Product Manager in Louisville, KY. I don't particularly think that I have anything revolutionary to say, but I'm extremely glad that you stumbled onto my blog. With Horses, Not Camels, I want to create a place where new Product Managers can find and share ideas regarding topics like:

  • Lean Startup
  • Lean UX & Customer Development
  • Agile Development
  • User Experience & Research
  • Minimum Viable Product Development

I've spent years working with small businesses and startups around Louisville, helping them iterate on their ideas and build their websites/apps/company. During that time, I've been firmly indoctrinated by the Lean Startup methodology of Eric Reis and Steve Blank. If you're unfamiliar with that framework, I hope that this blog can serve as a jumping off point for additional research and learnings regarding Lean Startup.

Outside of that, I've just generally found that the Product Management world is a bit of a Wild West of growth right now. I love to be a part of growing communities around new thoughts and methodologies in the business world, so this blog serves as a place for me to document those learnings. Hopefully you find value in these writings and want to connect more on the topics I discuss.

About Me, Mark Lorence

(Going to straight up copy my LinkedIn bio)

I started my career as a teacher because I wanted to change the world & make an impact on the lives of those around me. That passion for affect the world around me has led me to work with a lot of amazing companies over the years. From building my own K-12 EdTech program that served students throughout Kentucky and Indiana, to helping successfully launch a bakery & pizzeria, I've a lot of unique experiences.

Over that time, I learned a lot about what goes into making a great product and an amazing loaf of sourdough focaccia. I also helped to built an entire building from the ground up with just a team of four people (something I still can't believe). Now, what gets me out of bed in the morning is building amazing products for people, making them well documented and easy to onboard, and getting to know the users and stories behind the software. Well, that and a good cup of coffee.

My drive right now is to grow my expertise within the Product Management realm. I spend part of my weekends and nights reading books about how to make products people love, and I spend my days putting that learning into practice. I'm extremely passionate about developing self-sufficient customers and user friendly products, which is how I blend my current roles as the Director of Product Management and Director of Education at Onovative.

I'm constant finding myself utilizing my M.Ed when performing customer discovery calls, user interviews, and product feedback sessions. I have also been leaning heavily on my Education background when meeting with internal Development team members and company leadership. Through concise communication and strategic planning of product requirements, I have been able to help Onovative transition from yearly to quarterly releases with no additional hires. We have also been experiencing significantly lower Support throughput as a direct result of self-paced education programs that I have created, as well as improve QA testing that I have carried out.